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At Active Spine and Joint Care each component of your injury will be specifically addressed by our team of providers. Our advantage is the integration of chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy. Your treatment plan will evolve as improvement occurs utilizing the most technologically advanced modalities, and the most effective aspects of manual care.

We have found that most patients fail to achieve their recovery goals because the type of care they have chosen fails to address all the different structures involved in their injury. The result is a patient who makes marginal improvement but ultimately fails to reach their objective of optimal improvement. Our solution to this problem is integration, utilizing the differences in the disciplines as a strength, rather then a weakness. Chiropractors can address acute pain, and manipulate to improve joint biomechanics. Massage therapists very effectively address tightened musculature. Physical therapists can strengthen structures surrounding the joints. The incorporation of the most effective aspects of the different professions is what distinguishes Active Spine and Joint Care from other clinics.

At Active Spine and Joint Care we recognize that we are part of a spectrum of different options that a patient has. Occasionally a patient presents with a condition that will require treatments that are beyond the scope of the services that we provide. During the examination, if such a patient is identified, referrals will be made to the appropriate provider.

Our reputation of accepting patients only when we feel we can help them has allowed us to earn the respect of the medical community and often we co-manage a patientís care with other medical professionals to provide the shortest possible recovery time.

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